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What is Appymouse

Appymouse is a mouse pointer for tablet devices designed to increase your productivity and comfort. It lets you control an on-screen cursor so your arm won't feel tired and you won’t be ‘mis-clicking’ icons when using your tablet.

Thanks to a transparent and user-friendly interface, you will control the mouse pointer like you normally would when you swipe on the track-pad of alaptop.

In simple words, Appymouse is that app that makes sure you never accidentally pick the wrong icon when they are tiny and packed very close together.

Get it for FREE and experience a new and refreshing way of your tablet use.

Features of Appymouse

With an on-screen transparent touch pad, Appymouse allows you to control a cursor for easy usage of applications traditionally made for the desktop mode of Windows 8

  • Click, Right click and Double click easily

    Do common tasks such as clicking web links and icons easily.

  • Sleek and non-Obtrusive Interface

    Enjoy the full function of a virtual mouse pointer while still enjoying the full grace of your tablet screen and touch capability.

    Checkout the sleek interface on the 'Screenshots' section

  • Full Customisation

    1. Are you left or right handed? Change the direction to Left/ Right hand accordingly

    2. Adjust the pointer speed

    3. Reposition or resize the thumb impact area to suite your style


Click on an image to expand and to view the transparent interface and pointer of Appymouse


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  • Free


    $ 0 7 days
    • Mouse Pointer
    • RIght Click
    • Double Click
    • Customisable Touch Area
    • Text Selection
    • Icons Drag and Drop
    Download App from Windows Store

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